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Cleary engineers understand the special housing needs for all types of livestock. They also know that for you to be the most effective you need a building that “works” the way you need it to. So, they custom-design your structure to match your personal management style and provide a healthy productive environment for you and your animals. Cleary ventilating options make it a “breeze” to provide an adjustable natural flow of air to help eliminate moisture problems. Comfortable livestock are the most productive. Cleary Solar Heated buildings take advantage of the natural, radiant heat from the sun to help you keep your animals comfortable in a warm, dry, and healthy environment. Heavy-duty translucent fiberglass panels on the south facing mansard wall are designed to collect and hold the heat generated by the sun’s rays, economically and efficiently. Cleary Solar Heated buildings… the BEST under the sun! You’ve probably seen our familiar trademark on livestock buildings throughout the United States…and seldom will you see two that are identical. Cleary engineers design each building to specifically suit the construction site and your requirements, so that you can design and affordably build a structure to fit your exact needs. You benefit with “quality custom buildings at affordable packaged prices!” Call your sales specialist today for a tour of buildings in your area and see for yourself the quality and workmanship.




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