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On most farms, the Machinery Storage Building is a busy “hub” of activity. So Cleary offers a wide variety of options to let you plan your building your way for a smooth flow of traffic…now, and in the future as your operation grows. High-clearance, all steel endwall and sidewall doors open wide for easy machinery movement, and roll smoothly in the self-cleaning tracks. Roof trusses are designed in a variety of clear spans up to 81’ wide, which allows you to design a building to fit on any site.


Enjoy year-round comfort with Cleary’s Energy-Miser™ Insulation Package!

Cleary’s Energy-Miser™ Insulation Package creates a year-round “comfort zone” inside our new building that helps you save money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Blown-in ceiling insulation (1) and full- length fiberglass blankets between all wall posts (2) meet all desired R-values. A tough, continuous polyethylene vapor barrier (3,4) covers all insulation to seal out moisture from the “comfort zone”. Ridge vents (5) and vented overhangs on each side wall (6) provide a fully-ventilated attic area (7). Your choice of ceiling and wall coverings (8) and base trim (9) completes the structure. Energy-saving insulated windows and doors provide efficient, natural lighting while conserving heating and cooling costs.

The above options (1 through 9) depict a complete Energy-Miser™ insulation package. Options included in your package may vary according to your contractual agreement. Every Cleary building is customized for your specific requirements.
Cleary Energy-Miser™ Buildings bring you year-round comfort plus unsurpassed heating and cooling economies. Ceiling and walls may be fully-insulated with 6” to 9” thick fiberglass blankets that fill the areas between ceiling trusses and wall posts. A tough, continuous polyethylene vapor barrier seals-out moisture.

A choice of energy-saving, thermal and insulated windows, in a variety of styles and sizes, offer attractive alternatives for natural lighting.

Cleary offers insulated walk-through doors in functional and decorator styles, plus a variety of other door options to fit any size opening.

Heating Loss Comparison
(50’ x 80’ x 13’ buildings with 2 windows and a 20’ x 12’ insulated door.)
Type of Building
Daily Heat Loss In B.T.U.
Estimated Heating Cost per day with 65% efficient furnace
  0° outside 65° inside Fuel Oil .97/gal Propane .79/gal Nat. Gas .64/therm
Steel w/2” metal bldg.insulation in sidewalls & roof 2,353,680 $24.34 $31.78 $23.17
Cleary Energy-Miser™ w/6” F.G. sidewalls & 8” F. G. ceiling 749,616 $7.75 $10.12 $7.38
Construction details and material specifications shown here are subject to change without notice or obligation.


Use a Cleary Energy-Miser™ building to create an insulated shop, which affords you a warm and comfortable work area. Full-width and full-length 6” fiberglass blanket insulation between the sidewall columns, combined with blown-in ceiling insulation, yields a highly energy efficient structure. Add insulated walk-thru doors in several styles, select from a choice of energy-saving thermal windows, and for drive-thru entrances and loading docks, use insulated overhead and bi-fold doors to conserve on heating and cooling costs. Both the Machinery Storage and Energy-Miser™ buildings can benefit further with the addition of vented overhangs on the side and end walls, vented ridgecaps, and other options which contribute to both form and function. So whether your building is for Agricultural, Commercial, or Industrial use, count on Cleary Building Corp. to professionally engineer and expertly construct a virtually maintenance-free structure that will serve your needs economically, even after years of hard use.


Eye Appealing extras are functional and add beauty!

Brick/steel combinations
Enhance the beauty of your building and/or meet special operating requirements with your selection of these eye-appealing and functional extras. Cleary offers a wide variety of attractive and economical extras which allow you to display your personal tastes and company individuality while matching your needs and budget.
Solar panels

Attractive canopies

Loading dock

Overhead doors

Stone/steel combinations

Eave extensions

Bi-fold doors

Decorative walk doors

Wrap-around mansard

Loading dock

Thermal windows

Shingled roof

Window shutters



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